Chora Mykonos

Our workshop

Mykonos Chora Barefoot Luxury Living workshop: The place where furniture is reinvented.

Mykonos Chora Barefoot Luxury Living showroom may be the stunning face of the store, but its workshop is where the actual magic happens.

The art of binding
Similarly to the mythological deities of fortune, inside the workshop the knitters perform their own craft, knitting the ropes in the traditional crochet technique, also known as macrame. These ropes have been processed through the knitting machine to become the primary material for various uses. Cotton and polyester, intertwined together to form different levels of thickness. And then, color. Mykonos Chora Barefoot Luxury Living houses a dye shop on the premises, so that the products are rendered in a wider palette.

These ropes will become the basis for various constructions. Either becoming the signature piece to your living room as sofas, chairs, armchairs, stools, tables and dining tables. Providing shade as umbrellas, tents and awnings, or even cradling you as hammocks. What is more, decorative knitted handmade macrame, dividers, carpets and luminaires of all kinds are the end products of this extraordinary binding art.

The material mixture
For the support of the furniture, along with the ropes, comes excellent-quality-wood like fir, pine and oak offering its attributes to make durable structures for both indoor and outdoor use. Then comes the iron or aluminum that frames the furniture, and the waterproof fabric that protects the pillowcases.

These rope products have been tested for more than two decades in homes and businesses in Greece and abroad, under different climatic conditions and hence offer a 5 year quality guarantee.

First of a kind
Mykonos Chora Barefoot Luxury Living is pioneering in rope constructions. These innovative products are exported around the world carrying their relaxed yet luxurious aesthetic beyond the island where it was born. Especially in Europe where Mykonos Chora Barefoot Luxury Living is officially a patent holder for its umbrellas and awnings.

Your kind of magic
Apart from the fine products that one finds in the showroom, there is even more room for imagination and creativity. Mykonos Chora Barefoot Luxury Living offers tailor made solutions regarding the designs, colors and dimensions of the constructions, so you can bring your own vision in this unique experience of furniture reinvention.