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Forging a sustainable path ahead

Forging a sustainable path ahead

Chora Mykonos partners with OneTreePlanted

Mykonos, a small island in the Aegean Sea. Indonesia, a large country made up of over 17,000 islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The climate and ecosystems in these two parts of the world could not be more different, yet we are connected. How?  Through one humble yet valuable material: Wood.

Wood is one of the most cherished materials for Chora Mykonos and can be found in many forms around the company’s creations. Having recently celebrated 16 years in the furniture industry, we have a deep understanding of wood and its particularities. And we are well aware that it is a valuable resource, not easily replaced once the trees that provide it are felled.

Our main supplier of wood for the construction of unique furniture and interior design pieces is Indonesia, a country with rich forests and unique biodiversity. Unfortunately, this biodiversity is threatened by deforestation for palm oil plantations, logging, as well as damaging fires.

Our world is connected and we are committed to ensuring that we leave a hospitable and safe place for future generations. That is why, as a company, we wished to explore a more sustainable path and reduce our footprint as much as possible.

To this end, we have partnered with OneTreePlanted, a global non-profit organization dedicated to reforestation. For every purchase from our physical or online store, we will donate funds for the planting of one tree in Indonesia.

We are pledging to join our efforts to restore balance in the exceptional forest ecosystems of the Indonesian islands, helping the communities that depend on them and saving the habitats of tigers, elephants, orang-utans and over 1,700 species of birds that can be found in Indonesian forests.


More about OneTreePlanted’s efforts in Indonesia

OneTreePlanted works with partners on the ground in Indonesia, in order to restore balance to forest ecosystems and the local communities around them. Through developing nurseries and planting native trees, local and international partners are mobilizing support to successfully tackle a wide range of projects, such as:

  • Creating and restoring vital habitats for endangered species
  • Restoring tropical forests
  • Offering sustainable livelihoods to local communities


More about our donations

For every purchase made through our stores (physical and online), Chora Mykonos will donate the equivalent for planting one tree. OneTreePlanted will make the most of these funds together with local organizations, determining which trees are more appropriate to plant and where.

Depending on the project and the area, different species are selected to increase the impact of the organization’s efforts. These species may include durian, dipterocarps, ironwoods, teak and other tropical hardwoods.