Chora Mykonos

Visiting Mykonos

When in Mykonos..!

Either you choose to embark on a nomad journey or a bustling and vibrant experience, in the island of Winds you can become a contemporary Odysseus, and live your very own adventure.

Feeling bewitched by Kirki, in this island you will find yourself wanting to get lost further in this journey remorselessly, forgetting for a brief moment your own land.

You’ve already heard about the luxurious vacation that crowds come to experience on this island. Stunning villas, fine dining and yachting make one part of this island’s offering. You may not yet know of the rural adventure that this island can host. A tranquil journey across the idyllic barren beauty of the land and into the mesmerizing blue of the waters.

You are now drifting in a place between the present and the ancient past, strolling through the “sokakia” of the inland villages, taking a peek of the traditional Mykonian life. You will find all that you seek, in a variety of accommodations, restaurants, bars and shops. Moreover, you can enjoy a laidback journey to the most magical beaches and explore this outlandish landscape.

Dip your toe into the blue
From the sandy hotspot of Super Paradise Beach, to the secluded beach of Fragia, you can choose your own “cup of sea”, among the cosmopolitan and the mystical. If you feel extroverted enough, mingle with people at the beachfront bars of the beaches of Platys Gialos, Elia, Paradise, Paraga, Ornos, Kalo Livadi. But if you seek to relax and contemplate, explore the beaches Lagada, Merhia, Fokos and Loulos where you can merge into thoughts of blue.

Whichever your kind of vacation might be, set your anchor on one of those beaches.

You will want to capture these moments by taking pictures, but know that they will hardly do justice to the exotic beauty of Mykonos waters.

So savor these experiences and turn them into memories until you return nostalgically to your own Odyssey.

“Kali orexi!”
The myconian cuisine comes from the wider Cycladic “table” that has been set since ancient times. Oil, wine, sitari, cheese, almond and more, have become the base for meta-sophisticated flavors.

So now that you feel indulged, the question remains: Tavernas or fine dining?

You don’t have to choose since you can please your palate at the purely traditional restaurants, but also among your gourmet choices. Always in a portside location with a prime sunset view.

Savor the minimal taste of “mostra”, made with tomato, olive oil, oregano, capers, olives and bread. The spicy “kopanisti”, made of cheese with a special peppery, strong and aromatic flavor that is kept in a clay jar, covered with olive oil. The famous and fragrant “louza”, the exquisite meze, from pork back fillet, salt, pepper and cloves that dries and "bakes" in the sun. The secret recipe of the housewives on the island, the “amygdalota”, which are sweet and moist macarons, with baked almonds and bitter almond aroma. But also, garlic pasta with samples, sausages with thyme, and the crunchy onion pie with the grated leaf.

Delos: The nearby museum-island

Visit the mother of Cyclades and dive into the past. Legend has it that the rest of the islands formed a circular dance around the island of Delos, hence naming themselves and forming the island group in the centre of the Aegean Sea. Discover the birthplace of the god siblings of Greek mythology, Apollo and Artemis and explore one of the most sacred places of the ancient times.

Behold the marble lions of The Lion Tower, the cult statue of the goddess, patron saint of sailors,The Temple of Isis, The Ancient Theater that could serve more than 5,000 spectators, along with The Theater District that hosts the separate house of Cleopatra and Dioscouridis. Witness the famous mosaic floor depicting the god Dionysus in The House of Dionysus and finally the Archaeological Museum.

Rineia: A jewel in the midst of the sea

Now that you have witnessed all of Mykonos’ beauty that any summer-holiday-savvy should, you can top your experience by taking a trip to the nearby island of Rineia for a day excursion. Secluded bays and white sand is what you are signing up for and an unforgettable memory.

After 25 minutes on the “voidadiko” – as the locals call the boats that carry you there, you reach the untouched paradise of Rineia. A quiet, undeveloped island that if you allow yourself to get lost within, you will discover a landscape of hills blossoming with wildflowers, marble columns and hiker paths. This island offers a glimpse of the past, with no roads or cars. A precious reminder of a bygone time, staying hidden under the shade of vibrant Mykonos.