Chora Mykonos


Right to a return/replacement: In case of any true defect or lack of properties agreed, the buyer shall be entitled to ask for one of the following: a) repair of the product, or b) its replacement, or c) a proportional reduction in the price, or d) withdrawal from the sale agreement, without any charge to the buyer.

The consumer shall have the right to claim repair or replacement of the product, without any charge whatsoever, provided that the order is wrongly executed by the company, i.e., another item is delivered instead of that of the order, or a wrong quantity, a defective product, or a damaged product is delivered.
The consumer must contact the store within 48 hours after receipt of the product, by calling at +306943076155 or by sending an e-mail at the address, in order to report the problem and obtain approval for return of the product.
For the return of the product which has been received by the consumer and does not correspond to the order, the product must be kept in its package and must be left unused.
In any case, the product must be returned to our store along with all original accompanying documents (receipt of purchase, guarantee, instructions for use), and its original packaging.
All returns are done through the postal service indicated by us to our customers and they are chargeable to the store.

Right of withdrawal. The consumer has the right to withdraw from the agreement of purchase without specifying a reason, within fourteen (14) calendar days of the receipt of the order, if no other time-limit has been agreed, returning the product in its initial condition, without any fees or charges whatsoever to the consumer, except for transport charges. In case the consumer exercises his/her right of withdrawal, our company shall proceed to the return of the money paid by the consumer within fourteen (14) calendar days of the receipt of the order / the product that was returned.

Exercise of the right of withdrawal by the consumer is only possible in the case of product for which there were no individualized order placed, i.e. with the identification of more specific distinguishing features.
The consumer fills in and sends the relevant withdrawal form provided upon placement of the order.
The product must not be used except for testing, no pieces must have been removed, and there must be no changes made.
The tags of "MYKONOS CHORA BAREFOOT LUXURY LIVING IKE" store and the product's labels must not been removed or otherwise destroyed in any way.
The product must be returned inside its original package and in the conditions as received.
After the receipt by our company of the product and the completed form of withdrawal, an e-mail will be sent to the address of the consumer, with reference to the return and to the order code.

The company "MYKONOS CHORA BAREFOOT LUXURY LIVING IKE" shall not be held liable for any loss or deterioration of returned goods during the transportation of the product in return to the Company.

In case the products are returned damaged or defective, then the company "MYKONOS CHORA BAREFOOT LUXURY LIVING IKE" shall have the right to claim compensation from the customer, the amount of which shall be determined by the condition of the products, and proceed unilaterally to a partial offset of their claim against the customer's claim.

In case of cancellation of the order within the prescribed period, the customer shall be refunded depending on how the transaction was completed and payment of the amount was effected. In particular, transactions done with the use of a credit card shall be cancelled, whereas, in case of cash-on-delivery services, the money shall be deposited in a bank account indicated by the customer.

Free shipping for all of orders in Greece.

Taxes are already included in the price but we are not responsible for any actions taken by customs offices or the chosen country out of the EU.

In case of invoice for European based businesses we will deduct 24% VAT from your purchase price if you include your VAT number in your order.

The parties agree that all the disputes related to the validity of this agreement or resulting from its interpretation, execution or termination shall be amicably solved by the parties. In case that the above is not effective, for any dispute or claim may arise during the term of this agreement of after its termination, the courts of Athens Greece are agreed as competent.