Our Workshop - Chora Barefoot Luxury Living

Our Workshop

Welcome to the Mykonos Chora Barefoot Luxury Living Workshop: where furniture transcends into artistry.

While the Mykonos Chora Barefoot Luxury Living showroom captures attention with its breathtaking displays, the true enchantment unfolds within its workshop.

The Craft of Artisanal Binding:

Within our workshop, skilled artisans intricately weave ropes using traditional crochet techniques, reminiscent of mythological deities shaping fortune. These ropes, crafted from a blend of cotton and polyester, are meticulously processed to varying thicknesses using specialized knitting machines. Additionally, our on-site dye shop broadens the spectrum of colors, ensuring our products are rendered in a diverse palette.

These ropes serve as the foundation for an array of creations, from signature furniture pieces including sofas, chairs, and dining tables, to functional structures such as umbrellas, tents, and hammocks. Furthermore, our artisans fashion decorative macramé, dividers, carpets, and lighting fixtures, showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship of this binding art.

The Fusion of Materials:

In conjunction with our ropes, we incorporate premium quality wood such as fir, pine, and oak to create sturdy structures suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Iron or aluminum frames provide structural integrity, while waterproof fabrics safeguard pillowcases, ensuring longevity and durability. With over two decades of testing in diverse climates, our rope products come with a reassuring five-year quality guarantee.

Pioneers of Innovation:

Mykonos Chora Barefoot Luxury Living leads the forefront in rope constructions, offering groundbreaking products coveted worldwide for their blend of relaxed luxury. Our innovative designs have found acclaim internationally, particularly in Europe where we hold official patents for our umbrellas and awnings.

Crafting Your Vision:

Beyond our showroom offerings, Mykonos Chora Barefoot Luxury Living invites you to explore bespoke solutions tailored to your preferences. From personalized designs to custom colors and dimensions, our team ensures your unique vision is realized in every aspect of furniture reinvention.

Step into our workshop and witness the transformation of furniture into a realm of unparalleled elegance and craftsmanship.