About Us

Chora was founded in 2006, however the journey of Chora’s artisanal craft primarily begins earlier. No sooner than the very beginning of the Ionian civilization. 

Chora’s name, meaning the principal town on the island of Mykonos, became the respective center of craftsmanship that still preserves the cultural legacy of the island. 

With meticulous care, it distilled the empirical techniques of the past and created pieces of contemporary design, inspired by the architecture, painting, pottery and jewelry making of the island’s heritage. Conceptualizing and implementing this creative mix into the interior and exterior design, it introduced contemporary luxury, through simplicity and innovation.

In order to deliver such a timeless formula, talented artisans had to challenge and combine traditional manufacturing techniques with the latest technological methods, to shape the finest materials into remarkable furniture, decorative and lighting items. 

The collections, comprising of unique pieces handcrafted and handpicked in Greece and various areas of the world, demonstrate the great attention to detail, passion for beauty and pure dedication of skilled craftsmen and craftswomen. 

Each piece is handpicked from the depths of the Far East, from India, Thailand, Indonesia, Bali, Afghanistan, as well as Europe. They all come together to display an anthology of the finest home decor items that unleash the freedom that Barefoot Luxury can offer, as a tribute to the beauty of the world. 

In appreciation of its artistic concept, Chora has achieved considerable acclaim and has been awarded with the “Seven Stars Luxury Interior Design Award” (2017), “Home and Hotel Furniture Supplier” (2018), (2019) and (2020).

By leveraging the network, Chora’s cosmopolitan message can reach every place of the world, creating a channel of aesthetic opportunity with a unique purpose. To transform any surrounding into a reinvented habitat with creations that evoke a refined yet relaxed elegance.